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Sonja Haze for The Best Of Natural Breast

My dearest followers, I can't deny that, in the last previous days, my mood wasn't at the top: two famous huge-tits models asked me to remove the stuff about them from my blog, 'cause I didn't have the permission to use their vids and pics here.
I removed that stuff all at once, clearly, because I respect those models and the work they do on their own sites, but anyone on The Best Of Natural Breast knows that, for my posts, I use sample set and low-quality flv videos, so it's quite clear that I DO NOT STEAL original vids/pics from the sites.
Maybe you wonder why I'm telling you this! Well, this morning, when I checked my mail box, my mood raised up (and not only my mood, LOL!). I got a pleasant surprise: a mail from the canadian beauty - Sonja Haze.
I must confess that I didn't know her, but according to what I saw on her blog, she is quite new to the big-tits modelling, and her official site is almost ready.
This curly, charming, beautiful redhead has been so kind that she sent me a fan pic for my blog. To me, it's such a honor and pleasure to have a new friend here, or it would be better to say "3 new friends here!", looking at the size of her amazing tits: 38 H!!!!
At the moment, Sonja is available for some cam sessions, and I' sure your cock will explode out from your underwear.
Welcome @ The Best Of Natural Breast, Sonja, and thanks for your sweet gift!

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