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Annie Devilish

All the readers of my blog know that I am hell-bent for big and huge natural tits. But noone knows that, since I was a young boy, I have always been charmed by tales and sagas about the northern mithology: Thor, Odin, Valhalla, the Valkiries, are things I have always been interested in.
I guess you wonder why I am writing you about this. Well, because today I'm going to speak about a new friend of "The Best Of Natural Breast", and she comes from the Norway, the land of the Viking.
Ladies and gentlemen... ANNIE DEVILISH!
Due to her beauty, she could have been without any doubts the favourite Valkirie of Odin himself, and I'm sure that all the berzerkers would have gone to die on the battlefield with a larger smile on their face, knowing that they would have enjoied her company on the path to Valhalla.
Annie is a beautiful and kind BBW, whose appearance is one of the most typical (but always very appreciated, IMHO!) thing you can see in northern Europe: blond silky hair, white-porcelain skin, eyes as blue as the deepest ocean, and a lovely smile.
What is less common is her amazing pair of HUGE, HEAVY, SOFT, NATURAL TITS: believe me, her breast is unbelievable (sorry for the game of words, LOL!).
Annie has her site (updated quite often! http://www.toptenamateur.com/AnnieDevilish/index.php), where you can admire her endless beauty and enjoy also some free photo sets.
What are you waiting for??? Join right now her website, to download her latest, exsclusive stuff!
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